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Liposculpture is a surgical procedure that uses VASER liposuction technology to give you more muscle tone and shape. In addition, it removes fat deposits and allows for fat removal around the musculature, revealing and defining the abdomen and chest muscles. Dr. Cyr`s unique skills as a board-certified orthopedist and cosmetic surgery fellow have allowed him to introduce this proprietary approach called OrthoSculpt. This procedure combines his knowledge of human anatomy and liposculpture to produce results unobtainable elsewhere.

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Instead of just removing fat, liposculpture with VASER technology allows your surgeon to sculpt it for the desired shape. It can be beneficial in your body areas that don`t respond to a disciplined diet and proper exercise. 

Liposculpture and liposuction work best if you have good skin elasticity, which is generally true for:

  • People under a certain age
  • Darker skin tones
  • Non-smokers 
  • Minimal sun damage.

In a situation where there is reduced skin elasticity, Dr. Cyr may use Renuvion Skin Tightening to create the best possible surgical outcome.

The ideal liposculpture candidate is close to their perfect weight and has a BMI under 30. However, due to VASER`s technology, a skilled surgeon can get excellent results with a somewhat higher BMI in an otherwise healthy patient. It may not work well alone if you have weakened muscles or loose skin from age or pregnancy. Doctor Cyr may suggest that he needs to tighten or remove excess skin for the best results. A trained cosmetic surgeon can tell you whether you`re a good candidate for the procedure.

Most surgeons use a tumescent liposuction technique for a variety of reasons. The tumescent method helps to limit blood loss and reduces scarring. During the liposculpture surgery, the surgeon injects a sterile solution containing numbing medicine and other agents. They then make a tiny porthole incision and places a small tube, or cannula, under the skin into the fat. Many patients combine liposculpture with other procedures, like tummy tucks. Combining different surgeries can help you achieve desired results since liposculpture alone cannot address loose muscles and excess skin.